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FOREX 101 ELITE PACKAGE – In this course you will learn everything you need to know on trading the Forex Market. Honestly if not this course then I don’t know which course will give you this much information for the price we have it at now!


Here we teach you how to find the right Forex broker to setting up your charts then taking your first trade. We walk you through baby steps to get to the big legend. So purchasing this course will help you achieve your goals and just in a week you will be able to trade like a PRO! Honestly it doesn’t take much to trade like a pro, but just to know the basic trading rules & tricks.


This course will be taught by your very own Solo E aka Ewill Singer/Producer/entrepreneur guru. For 4 years Solo E has been trading and learning new different but effective ways to trade from home! Now that he figured it out he wants to teach you how you can do the same! But this guy made it easier for you to just watch the videos and take simple notes then follow him by taking your first to many trades. So don’t lack or sleep on this course as its the BEST COURSE YOU CAN FIND ON THE WEB AT THIS PRICE!


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Module #1

You’ll learn everything you need to know on getting started with Forex, Market Structure and Price action. 


This module will give you all the knowledge you’ll need to start trading right away and start making profits! Solo E Strategies has a high success rate of 75% +. Even if you have a small forex account this course will show you how to do so! 

  • Getting Started 101, This module you will learn which brokers works best for you. How to set up your trading charts & how to take trades.

  • Market Structure Series, This module you'll learn the bases of trading using pure market structure, understanding Highs & Lows, Support & Resistance. Moving Averages and how to trade using major support zones. 

  • Price Action 101 Series, You'll learn basic candle stick patterns, Understanding double bottoms & double tops, how to trade using head & shoulders pattern & you'll learn how to trade using pure price action.

Module #2

The Dominant package comes with all of the effective strategies you will need to start making money trading your small account. 

  • Breakout & Retest Strategy, You'll learn how to trade the breakout & retest strategy. This is the most popular effective way to trade!

  • The Simple Solo X Strategy, This module you'll learn how to trade double bottoms & double tops using major key zone areas.  

  • The Trend Line Strategy, You'll learn How to find a valid trend and when is the best time to enter the trade. 

  • BONUS VIDEOS, You will get access to all over the effective strategies use to turn small Forex accounts into a 400% ratio. 

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These are two separate things. You will not receive vip signals. If you want vip signals on top of having the course you must pay this separately. 

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