Terms & Agreements
By Solo Network


When purchasing any products such as the following list below from the Solo Network University:

- Courses
- Mentorship by any Solo Network Employee or affiliate 
- Memberships of any kind in Solo Network University 


You are agreeing that there will be no Refunds of any kind and/ or dispute will not be tolerated. If such issue such as Dispute were to occur after agreeing to these Terms & Agreements, the Participants involved in the Dispute will be revoked of their status of any of the online digital products/ education they have access too. In Terms of The Mentorships when securing spots for a One on One or Group Mentorship from a Solo Network Employee, for the spot to be Valid, it must follow the two criterions listed below:


- All Mentorships must go through Fabian (Manager of Solo Network) which is whom will keep track of all Mentorship Payments,  Schedules, and Assigning Mentors
- Payment for Mentorship must be submitted before the due date of the starting cycle of the Mentorship.


With the large demand and scarce spots every 4-week cycle. This One-on-One Mentorships will be a total of four weeks and 8 scheduled sessions will be discussed between the Pro Trading Manager and mentees (Students). Once you have secured your spot you have the option to move your spot to another cycle if you inform the Pro Manager to move you at least 10-15 days in advance before the 4-week cycle begins. Group however will be a total of 10 sessions in a four-week cycle. Duration of each session is the same and each session is recorded in the group sessions. You Must Also Cover the PayPal Fees Involved for all Mentorships. Which will be Added on Top of The Initial Cost. Also, we are not responsible for any sessions that you may miss after each scheduled session is finalized, however, to avoid missing out on a session please inform your mentor at least 72 hours in advance before your scheduled session for a possible schedule change in the One on Ones. 

All Memberships are valid unless anything from the list below is violated:


- All Subscriptions payment cycles are to be paid on time.
- All One-time payment Memberships are submitted and no refunds and/ or disputes are filed from the member involved.
- All Rules and Terms & Agreements have been followed.
- Must respect all staff/ community members and must keep the Solo Network Community a Safe & Secure Educational Environment, any disruptions of this Educational Environment Will Not Be Tolerated


All Course Access are Valid When the List Below is followed:


- Member is not involved in any activity in terms of Disputes, Banned, Refunds, or any other activity that revokes their privilege to have access to the courses provided by the Solo Network University

- Any member who purchases the course must keep the course private to them self and must not share, sell, or distribute the course and/or educational videos/ products produced from the Solo Network University in any way or manner.


* Please check your email to get your membership information!

Disclaimer: All materials provided in this course are for educational purposes only. Should you decide to apply the methods and tools contained in this course, to a real account and trade with real money, you take full responsibility for any negative outcome of such trades. By continuing to learn this course you agree that under any circumstances you will not have any claims against the instructor or team members of this course & signals. You are warned to trade only at your risk of money.  

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